Have fun at work today!

We are all about being better lovers.  We refer to it all of the time here.  When you get better at loving those you are not particularly fond of specifically, the stapler swiping, lunch- stealing, forgot-to-flush bastards you work with, the love (translation: time and energy) for people you really do like improves dramatically.

External strategies for loving your Co-workers. 

  1. Bring Donuts– Not just donuts, any treat will do.  We’re all trying to reduce our sugar. True no one should have it.  That’s what makes it super special.
  1. Say “Thank You”– If someone takes the time to think of you, even if you wish they hadn’t just say thank you!
  1. Compliment– Find a few nice things to say about someone and to someone you work with daily, even if you’re not sure why they got the job to begin with.

Internal strategies for loving your co-workers:

  1. Self Assess– Is your job your purpose, your passion or just your paycheck?  If you’re there for the paycheck and someone else is there with purpose they will invariably become annoying to you.  It may be time for a change.
  1. Do your job– Slackasses make everyone’s job harder.  If you’re pulling your weight, you may be less likely to receive passive aggressive commentary during debriefs.
  1. Mind your business– Guard your mental space from gossip. Although gossiping is a tried and true bonding tool for you and the other gossiper it separates you from the gossipee.  Additionally, your words may come back to haunt you.

Why become a better lover to your coworkers?  When you get home, you can kiss the misses or mister without ruining their night because your coworkers ruined your day.  You will transfer some energy from work to home, make it loving energy.


Be love.

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