Go Fish!

Feed a man a fish, you feed him for a night, teach a man to fish you feed him for life.  Not if I’m that “man”.  Please feed me my fish.

Lucky for me its called fishing and not catching because I am unsuccessful at the latter of the two.  As far as the fish in the water are concerned I may as well have baited that hook with Gummy Worms.   I have never caught a single fish- ever.   I’m not even on a Catfish Hunter quest.  A sardine is all.

But I’m going fishing again this Sunday with a group of dudes for whom fish seem to bypass the hook and jump right in the boat already gutted and fried, right after snubbing my desperate line.  They know the sport and have been successful at catching fishes- not plural but type.  Do you hear what I say?  They can identify the fish by its appearance.  Having never caught one, this differentiation is sorcery to me.

If only the ocean worked like Plenty of Fish.  I would submit my profile to the ocean and it would spit out exactly the type of fish I’m looking for.  Keep the light and flaky I like it meaty.  Fish, which are in fact, excited about being eaten by me.  If you are like me, fore-go the ocean and log onto Plenty of Fish.  Your odds of catching something are greater there.

Fishing, I’m told makes a great date.  It looks romantic enough when my brother and his wife go together. Probably would have been more so if they didn’t have to babysit my incompetence.  I’m the person invited on the trip to stroke everyone else’s ego.  Everyone inevitably will catch more fish than I will.

On this National Day of Fishing, find a list of spots that work well for fishing in the link below.  Are these great places for catching fish?  You’d have to ask somebody else.  Here are all of the ways you can celebrate

1.  Catching-http://www.richmond.com/entertainment/article_38578373-4ae6-5422-a1d6-862b27f85c13.html
2. Fishing on LandThe Boat House, boathouserva.com, The Croaker Spot, http://www.croakerspot.com

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