Parlez Vouz Your Boo?

You tattooed her name on your chest.  She smiled.  Not…what… you… were hoping for.   How can you save time, money and skin?

Well, take the “Five Love Languages” quiz ( All month, we are bringing you resources to help enhance the “patience” component of love. We believe that understanding supports patience.

By now, we have all heard of “The Five Love Languages” (and if you haven’t get it). They boil down to words, service, gifts, time/attention and physical affection. Just as you go to another country and you study the language they speak, you similarly have to learn to speak your partner’s language if you want to understand her and if you want her to understand you. When professing your love today make sure you speak your lover’s language and teach your language.

While people are typically dominant on one dimension, most people have a love communication stye that is a mixture of the five.  So she did appreciate the tattoo, it just didn’t get as much mileage as it would have if you had served her by washing her car.  That’s what she needed.

Do you give them the love they want or the love you like to give?

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