“Just” Friends

I’ve heard it tell, you can’t pick your family.  If the saying “the hear wants what the heart wants”  is true you can’t even pick who you love. However, you can choose to be a friend to anyone and friendly to everyone. If among those you have selected one emerges as the “Best” to you take some time to let them know today.

In the realm of romance, there is no such thing as “Just Friends”.  The diminutive term just undermines the fact that friendship is the only relationship status you are 100% in control of. As an added bonus, if you’re blessed enough to have your BFF became your BF or GF then you’re leading a good life.

When romantic relationships are troubled, it is usually the friendship that the two people lose sight of. As a general rule if you wouldn’t do it to someone who is “just your friend” don’t do it to your lover.

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