Your First Piece

I feel good... Whoooooo about Kanday #llcoolj
I feel good… Whoooooo about Kanday #llcoolj

No one can remember the first piece of candy they ever got (or any of its inadequate placebos- I’m winking at you carob). Sticky sweet, soft or hard it was probably given as a distraction by your parents long before you had teeth to worry of rotting. Through a combination of addiction and nostalgia by the time we went to elementary school candy was POWER and candy was love.

You gave your friends this tiny sweet token to let them know y’all were cool.  You feebily bribed your teacher to keep her from calling your momma.  You stole it from your Grandma’s illegal storefront (if you were me)…and gave it to the person whose hand you wanted to hold on movie day.

Candy is not for date nights.  Candy is best used as a part of a hookie smorgasbord (including Funions and Nehi Peach)!  In Richmond, you can delight yourself in an afternoon at Rocket Fizz or in the glorious Fresh Market candy section.  It is time to give your lover his or her favorite piece- Paleo and wrinkles be damned.

What is your lover’s favorite candy?

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