Midnight Moon

Living Room Picnic

Good Afternoon Lovemakers,

Well, it seems that, so far, many of the June romantic gestures are edible.  This one is no exception.  Its National Cheese Day.  I honestly can’t believe cheese doesn’t already have its own week surely up for evaluation in the next Congressional session.

Cheese provides the focal point for a perfect living room picnic dinner tonight.  A charcuterie and crudite, with complementary cheeses,  provides the varied flavors and textures to keep your palette tickled.  It’s no cook and virtually no cleanup,  which leaves more time for enjoying one lover’s company! In addition to minimizing cleanup, eating with your fingers is supposed to align your pranas, according to ayurveda, and is just super sexy, according to 91/2 weeks.

Midnight Moon is a personal favorite.  In addition to its inherently romantic name it is  a mild cheese that feels like silk in your mouth.  If you find it in the Richmond area, pleeaase message me!!!

I’m sure any of your local grocers can provide the cheese, meats, fruits, veggies and olives for your finger feast.  I hear Southern Seasons is the local mecca for said provisions.  I have it on good authority that wine will be really upset if he isn’t invited to this thing.

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