June Jubilee!

Love is Patient…

Or at least it is supposed to be. I pretty much blow this virtue every time because I am impatient. I mean its bad. I drive a mini-van like I’m qualifying for NASCAR weaving in and out of traffic if someone is not going five miles over the speed limit. I count the number of people on both sides of a checkout counter to make sure the number on the purchase end is greater than or equal to the number on the sales/prep end. (MY BIGGEST pet peeve is the opposite ratio). If I’m placed on hold, I hang up and call again… only to fall further behind in the cue.

I have improved my patience in relationships.  Once upon a time, I would cut people out of my life for minor issues (in hindsight) because I would not wait for it to improve. Relationships are not hard they are just imprecise and I like precision and efficiency. I honestly felt there was nothing else I could do with the relationship and that the time was wasted.

I have learned how to appreciate inefficiencies by using those times for the increasing my love output. I have since increased my patience with a fallback list of spiritual and emotional acts like, texting in the line at the DMV, chanting a mantra during rush hour or even just breathing and appreciating the fact that I am alive. Dead people aren’t waiting for anything.

New Habit for June:  Instead of cursing- compliment, hemming and hawing start he-heeing, sighing loudly-singing softly and instead of writing a poison pen letter get them a love note. These things work in the cue and in a relationship.  Try it for 21 days.

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