Donut Day

Duck Donuts-Willow Lawn Almond Joy
Duck Donuts-Willow Lawn Almond Joy

I feel a little guilty for honoring donuts because it was recently listed by Men’s Health magazine as the worst food ever. Yet, my mouth started to water the moment I inserted the photo. Shucks, my eyes started water when I pondered all the pleasant memories of donuts.  Now, I only eat them on special occasions- like Tuesdays.

For Lovemakers all around the world donuts have provided much needed comfort and solace for a broken heart. Donuts are the metaphor for a broken heart soft and mushy, with cracks in the sweetness and a huge hole in the middle. When you’re sad, its like using your teeth to conquer the emotions that plagued you.

They have also provided many a cheap date night. This hot number at the top along with a cinammon sugar set me back $2.53. Make tonight cheat night- on your diet and on the Kreme by supporting smaller shops in the area, many of which offer specialty donuts not available with larger brands.

1.  North Richmond- Sugar Shack

2.  South Richmond- Donut Connection or Treat Shoppe

3.  Near West-Duck Donuts

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