National Day of Service


One of our mantra’s here at Lovemakerstudio is “the love you have is the love you make”. Love is not lost and therefore cannot be found (contrary to what many dating sites will tell you).  However, love can be created in the tiniest of moments of human interaction daily.

Today is our National Day of Service, which feeds right into our annual Lovemaker resolution of being a better lover.  Self-less service is one of the highest expressions of love.   Instead of volunteering begrudgingly for things you don’t like in the interest of nobility, determine what you like, love, wish and want for the world and visit sites like Volunteer Match to group with people who feel the same.

There is something the world needs that you have.  For a more immediate act of service, simply ask the next person who crosses your path,  “What can I do for you today”

That is making love!





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