Thank You Playlist

Lovemakers, Christmas music began playing a few weeks ago and will go on 24 hour rotation on Black Friday.  While many  people are annoyed by the commercialism that treats Thanksgiving as pregame for the Christmas season, at Lovemakerstudio, we LOVE Holiday music!  We figured, rather than complaining, we would help support the Thanksgiving brand by highlighting some of the songs that create the Thanksgiving mood.

Throughout the month, we focused on  love offerings instead of gift giving as we move through the season.  While we love customized trinkets, the absolute best gift you can give a loved one is heartfelt, soul-stirring “thanks”.  This “thanks” is not the perfunctory demonstration of manners,  Rather, it is deepest expression of connection to another human being who has taken some action that improves, validates or supports your existence or whose mere presence affirms your own.  While the words come from your mouth the sentiment comes from the soul, warms the heart and sparkles in the eyes when your beloved enters the room

As much as Thanksgiving is about gratitude, we also celebrate forgiveness.   Because there is no Forgivenessgivings day, at Lovemakerstudio we tacked it on to Thanksgiving.   Because someone  who faithfully appreciates is slow to begrudge and quick to forgive.  Also, based on how Halloween and Christmas treat Thanksgiving, he could use a friend.

Thanks/Forgivenessgivings Day Playlist

  • Thank You- Alannis Morrissette
  • Forgiveness – Don Henly
  • Blessed- Martina McBride
  • Thank You- Dido
  • Dear Mama- Tupac
  • Please Forgive Me- Bryan Adams
  • Thanksgiving song- Adam Sandler
  • Keep It Together- Madonna
  • Thank you- Boyz II Men

Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to thank?  Finally, and equally important important what other tunes would you add to our list?