Build a Bear (or an Olaf)

IMG_2193We at the Lovemakerstudio had long regarded Build-a-Bear as a child’s birthday option like everyone else. Who wouldn’t?   The bright colors, the cheery attitudes and the scores of parents yanking their children away in opposition all scream POPULAR CHILD ATTRACTION-ADULTS BEWARE.  When we visited the shop at Short Pump, we were delightfully disproved.

In the olden days of eighties, at least as is recorded in all of the movies from that era, a suitor would woo the object of his affection by knocking milk bottles down and winning a bear at the county fair.   Today, he builds one for her.  They stuff it with love during a “heartwarming” ceremony.  Literally- you take your tiny satin heart-shaped pillow, warm it with your hands and then kiss it before you place it inside your bear, just the way you do with your beloved.

Coupled or dating? Make one in the image of your mate or make one for your mate in the image of your self.  If you’re single, make one in the image of your ideal mate, you know…if she were a horse/cat/cow/bear (be careful choosing).  Just like MAKE, love…WORK-SHOP, Build A Bear is a great experiential date, a great metaphor for relationships and great indicator  that no matter how old you get you’re never too old to cuddle your honey bear.