Magic Carpet Ride

With the holiday season upon us, we are focusing on Love Offerings.  May we suggest you give the experience of a magic carpet ride from the beautiful love story of Jasmine and Aladdin.   As we recently learned from World of Rugs the magic may have been less in the special powers sprinkled on the rug and more in the creation of the rug itself.  It takes love, or at least one of love’s virtues- patience to create a rug.  Mr. Franke, owner and historian of the tiny rug shop World of Rugs loves rugs!

It is evident in how he speaks about them.   The mere excitement to be in the presence of rugs, the lack of judgement from one rug to the next despite its flaws and the actual appreciation for its flaws all evidence a deep abiding affection for every fiber in the building.  This love was palpable through the beads of sweat that dripped from his forehead as he led suicide drills across the store to share another possibility  whenever inspiration struck.  He sells rugs for money but he prefers to educate through rugs offering a detailed history of many places based on the rugs created there.   He understands the social circumstances that surround each rug.  As we purchased a rug, we just had to, he beamed about the 1/10 completion of a 10 INCH x10 INCH handwoven rug on his wall he assured us would take three more years to complete….and never be perfect.  He was completely ok with that.  That is love.  If any one ever spoke of me the way he speaks of rugs, I would know I was loved, I would be in love.

Give a unique, magic carpet as a love offering from World of Rugs.