How Steep is Your Love?

If your beloved were a tea…Long before pill and potion there was stem and leaf.  For centuries, across nations, tea in varying formats has been the cure-all for many ailments.  But what about lovesick?  What brew is there to calm (slightly) the butterflies in the stomachs of lovers everywhere?  Discover Teas has a tea for that.  Discover Teas is a blend-your-own tea bar in Williamsburg, VA that provides a highly informative space for learning the curative properties of tea.  As you enter, there is a “sit and sniff” section that beckons for one of the tea consultants to walk you through the broadly defined categories and specifically labeled tea.  They have traveled the world for years to bring their knowledge of teas.

With so many varieties of big brand tea why Discover?  In a word-experience.  In more than one word- because every sniff brings a new memory for the sniffer, a path for exploration and sharing with a partner.  Discover allows you to create your own custom tea.  Finally they offer a combination of sensual exploration and learning atmosphere.   Rather than slashing and burning through thickets of people in a mall after your tea is created, at Discover you get to retreat to a quiet, dimly lit lounge to slowly savor the special blend that is your relationship.