Love offerings


Oddly enough the holiday season officially began with the “Sexy ________ (insert occupation here)” costume you wore yesterday.  The gifts will begin to fly from places far and wide.  At make, love…work-shop, all we want for Christmas is no more gifts.  You heard us right.  Gifts are the last minute thing you grabbed off the counter at the only drugstore open on your way to the party.  Gifts, are the tit-for-tat “she gave me one” tokens that keeps things even.  Gifts shield against the he-didn’t-bring-me-anything stank eye that makes us so uncomfortable.  From this point on, we want love offerings.

Love offerings are the symbols of knowledge and understanding of a person.   They stay with the recipient long after that expensive department store candle has been forgotten in the back of the closet for later re-gifting. For the month of November, we will explore experiences that help create love offerings, like make,love…work-shop. The places, websites and blogs we highlight will help you show your love and allow you to truly consider your loved ones.   The guiding question for the month is:

” If _______ (loved one’s name) was a ______  (product of creative experience) how would he/she (taste/smell/feel/sound/look).

The answer to this question is your interpretation of that person, a product that imitates the essence of them.  They will love it, because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and creation is the highest expression of love.  Start making love.